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Integrated Retail is a leading information technology and business service provider in the Asia Pacific region, with focus on consumer businesses: Retail, F&B, Consumer Services like Spa and Salons and Consumer Packaged Goods.

Our solutions power over 3,000 store fronts and power over US$ 1 billion of commerce across physical stores and online e-commerce stores.

We provide best of the breed information technology (IT) solutions comprising: Software; Hardware; Infrastructure; Consulting; Implementation and Support Services and Business Transformation Services.

Through our partnership with several best of the breed product vendors, we are capable of creating, deploying and supporting scalable, robust and functionally rich solutions that are capable of supporting your consumer business’ needs today, and in future.

We are capable of supporting your businesses across Asia through our on-ground and multi-lingual support team.



We offering turnkey services from business implementation to support.


We have a deep understanding of the consumer, competition and business environment.

Our Team

We have a comprehensive retail focus covering store, distribution and merchandising.

Our Team

We offer localization services backed by multi-lingual staff training with multi-modal implementation delivery capabilities.

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